Lipo Tan

Lipo Tan

Lipo Tan is a non-selectively mimics the action of melanocortin peptides. These are natural hormones involved with pigmentation, energy homeostasis, sexual functioning, the immune system, inflammation, and the cardiovascular system, causing the skin to go darker (tanning).


Lipo Tan is a cosmetic sunless tanning product that stimulates melanin production. Melanin is the main determinant of skin color in humans, a brown pigment which causes skin to become darker in appearance, instead of red when exposed to UV rays. Lipo Tan users develop a gradual, natural looking tan with minimal exposure to the sun.


It is particularly useful for fair-skinned individuals who find that they cannot tan naturally in the sun. Fair skinned folks who never tan, always burn in the sun, can achieve a natural tan when using Lipo Tan.


It is usually administered as an injection of liquid underneath the skin, commonly every second day. Trials have shown that the tanning effect can occur within 5 doses.


Take your Lipo Tan dose 1 time per day and continue with daily injections until you are happy with the color of your tan.

10 Day Kit : Tan will last up to a month
20 Day Kit : Tan will last up to 3 months

How to use:

To enable your body to get used to the Lipo Tan entering your body, we recommend new users of Lipo Tan to inject 0.1ml everyday. Keep injecting Lipo Tan every day after day 4 you can start injecting every second day and continue with daily injections until you are happy with the color of your tan

NOTE : You need to be in the sun for 10 to 20 minutes to activate solution.

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