Lipo DCL Fire

Lipo DCL Fire

STRONGEST FAT BURNER in SA – It burns and burst fat……FAST

Deoxycholic Acid (DCA) is a minimally invasive technique recently FDA-approved to treat subcutaneous fat in the sub mental area by injecting the cytolytic drug into superficial adipose tissue.

Lipolysis is an effective treatment that mobilizes accumulated fat releasing it through the lymphatic system into the blood stream to be burnt safely by the body’s metabolism

The ingredients help dissolve fats difficult to eliminate, providing a powerful and effective aid in the treatment of cellulite and localized fat. It helps stimulate the lymphatic drainage system. It also CLEANSE AND DETOX WHILE LOSING FAT. It improve the appearance of flaccid skin. With a reaffirming and toning action. 

The Lipo Fire injections are used as spot reduction injections and you inject them in the areas where you want to burn fat.You will lose cm’s in those areas where injected. The product are sold in 10ml vials. ( Syringes Excluded )

Lipo fire works for cellulite, tightens the skin, cleans and detoxes your system while you loose fat!

Ingredients :


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