Keto MCT SoftGel Capsules

MCT Oil Capsules by BOLD KETO – 300 MCT Oil softgels – MCT Oil Pills of C10 C8 MCT Oil – capric and caprylic Acid derived from Pure Coconut Oil

The MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) Oil in BOLD KETO MCT Oil capsules is 65% C8 and 35% C10 and derived 100% from pure coconuts. MCTs function differently in the body compared to other fats. They go straight from the stomach to the liver to be easily converted to ketones for energy. This is the basis of the keto lifestyle, using fat (ketones) for energy instead of carbs (glucose). Compared to MCT oil, coconut oil only has 15% total of the two types of MCTs in our premium MCT Oil Softgels. This means you are getting a higher amount of these super beneficial fatty acids with our product.
BOLD KETO MCT Softgels can:

  • Kick start (or increase) ketone production
  • Support mental clarity and focus
  • Boost your energy
  • Boost your metabolism and fat burning ability
  • When do you use BOLD KETO MCT Oil Softgels?
  • In the morning for energy* (melt in your coffee/tea or swallow with water)
  • Before or after exercise for increase muscle building*
  • Between meals to suppress your appetite*
  • Throughout the day to get in extra healthy fat

Why BOLD KETO MCT softgels instead of oil?

  • They require no mixing/blending
  • Our softgels are flavorless, odorless, and have no oily residue
  • Take them with you wherever you go without dealing with an oily mess

Can I take BOLD KETO MCT Oil Softgels if I’m not on a ketogenic/low carb diet? What about if I’m on the paleo or Atkins diet?

Sure! Our softgels contain no sugar, no carbs, and no artificial ingredients. If you are on keto, paleo, atkins, a low carb diet, or if you are just starting a keto diet, MCT supplementation is beneficial for you! MCT’s are a great source of fast, sustained energy and have been shown to support mental clarity/focus, digestive function, and metabolic function.
How will MCT oil affect me?

MCT Oil may cause an upset stomach while your body is becoming fat-adapted, or if you consume too much too quickly. We always recommend starting slowly by taking one softgel per serving and gradually increasing to three per serving as your body adjusts

Softgel capsuels contains MCT which is a oil – also has BHB in – The FAT-BURNING SUPPLEMENT: Formulated using a proprietary blend of Calcium BHB, Sodium BHB, and Magnesium BHB